Fook Fong Printing as a Hong Kong enterprise is located in Shatian town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province. It's always specialized in the manufacturing of Heat transfer foil in recent decade. The Heat transfer foil produced by this company is applicable to surface thermoprinting of various kinds of plastic products (ABS, PS, AS, PC, PVC, EVA, PP, PE, SAM, etc), glasswork, metalwork, wood, and organic glass (polymethyl methacrylate). In addition, it is also widely used for different kinds of toys, stationery, daily use articles, baby products, cosmetics, gifts, electric and appliance. The company is always dedicated to the development of Heat transfer foil and it has developed several types of new products until now, for instance, partial electroplate Heat transfer foil, partial laser Heat transfer foil, matte Heat transfer foil, Heat transfer foil for over molding and alcohol-resistance Heat transfer foil.

In addition, the company also sells products as an agent for qualified companies like pneumatic Heat transfer printing machine and many types of drum-type and vertical compression thermal transfer printing machine. In order to achieve the best thermoprinting effect for the customers, the company provides high-quality fixture and high-temperature resistant silica gel plate and silica gel. Recently, the company has developed the in-mode label. The in-mode label is made in following steps: put the in-mode label directly into the mould of injection molding machine, and the stained paper will be attached on the surface of workpiece after molding and processing. Finish injection molding and printing at one time and the printing work after molding printing will be omitted. The company also opens up thermoprinting manufacturing department which can provide perfect thermoprinting and manufacturing service for customers.

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