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Fook Fong printing is a Hong Kong enterprise with a printing plant in Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It has been focusing on the production of heat transfer film for 20 years. The heat transfer film produced by the company is applicable to the surface hot stamping of various plastic products (ABS, PS, as, PC, PVC, EVA, PP, PE, Sam materials), glass products, metal products, wood, plexiglass (yajiali) and other products. It is widely used in all kinds of toys, stationery, daily necessities, baby products, cosmetics, gifts and electrical products. The company has been committed to the development of heat transfer film, and has developed a variety of new products, such as local electroplating heat transfer film, local laser heat transfer film, matte heat transfer film, heat transfer film for secondary injection molding and alcohol resistant heat transfer film.

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  • In addition, the company also acts as an agent for high-quality pneumatic heat transfer machines of famous factories, and all kinds of roller and direct pressure heat transfer machines are available. In order to achieve better hot stamping effect, we provide high-quality fixtures, high-temperature silicone plates and silicone cylinders. In 2000, the company newly developed in mold label. The method of in mold label: put the flower paper directly into the mold of the injection molding machine, and the flower paper has been attached to the surface of the workpiece after plastic molding. The injection molding and printing are completed at one time to save the printing work after general injection molding. The company also set up a hot stamping processing department to provide customers with high-quality hot stamping processing services.

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